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I'm Colin Barnes and this is my Radio Control website.

I have a keen interest in radio control models and currently have a number of cars, planes, helicopters & multi-rotors.

I have made a number of multi-rotor models (Tri-copters, Quad-copters etc) and I have restored a couple of vintage RC helicopters.

I am interested in a number of areas of radio control models including restoring vintage models and modifying existing (retail) models.  My current main area of interest though is building tri-copters and quad-copters from scratch and trying to get them to fly (not always successful here).  On this site you can find photos of my models and also plans and 3D print files for my prototype multi-rotors.

I currently live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and i am a member of the North Down Model Flying Club.

If you're interested in model planes then check out my Fathers website


0 #1 Markus Meyr 2021-05-18 12:50
Hello Colin,
my name is Markus from Germany. I found your site because I also wanted to build the YAK 54 next winter.
I already get the plan from the AeroFred website. Unfortunately, the plan is a pdf document.
Did you get the plan as a DXF File? I have a milling machine but not the time to redraw the plane.
Can you help me, with DXF files? Is it also possible to send me your building pictures? I am not able to enlarge them on your Homepage.

Kind regards from Germany

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