Colin's Radio Control

Plan built Yak 54.

  • Balsa & plywood construction
  • 936mm wingspan
  • Covered with Solarfilm
  • Electric powered (brushless)
  • Started on 12th December 2020

Built from plans downloaded from




I downloaded plans for a Yak-54 from My intention being to laser-cut the parts and build the plane.

The downloaded plans are a vector PDF and imported easily into LightBurn. I don't know if the plans are unfinished or not but there are a few areas where they don't quite match a Yak-54 or where some modification is required. None of these are major or difficult to overcome. 

  • The wingtips are square (they are curved on a Yak-54 and also form part of the aileron);
  • The horizontal stabaliser tips are a different shape to a Yak-54;
  • There is no "parts" for the tail although the drawing does help you to make the tail from balsa strip;
  • Some screw holes are obscured by other parts (eg. The cowl mount screws are obscured by the canopy front bulkhead.);

Some of the modifications I am making are:

  • The canopy will have locating dowels at the front and magnets at the back to secure it;
  • Extra reinforcing at the servo mounts;
  • Lights (Nav., Strobes & Landing);
  • Carbon fibre Landing gear;
  • There are holes in some of the wing ribs that look as though they are for a strengthening rod. I am going to use a 7mm carbon fibre tube for this.

I am not going to rush the build as it looks like we will be in lockdown for some time yet. This is also my first attempt at building an aeroplane from plans so I have a lot to learn. 



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