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The 2 to 1 project is now complete (sort of).

I now have a working GV Rex-X using most of the original parts from the 2 partial cars:

The car is running well although it currently has a spare SH .21 engine that I had.  I have also upgraded the original 35 MHz radio gear to 2.4 GHz and replaced the servos.
I am still missing a front bumper for this as the one I have is too badly damaged to use.  I might try to get on eBay or even get a custom one 3D printed.
The weather forecast for this weekend is very bad but i'll get a video or two when the weather improves.

To help me with the Rex-X project I downloaded the GV-Rex-X manual.  As I was working through it I noticed that some of the parts drawings didn't match the parts I had.  I thought that maybe my cars were earlier or later revisions so I had another look online for a different manual.

I came across a Reely Rex-X manual and downloaded it and it looked more fitting to what I had.

During my internet searches I also found a number of other Rex-X's for sale on eBay.  These were listed as GV but the photos looked like the cars I have.

The questions are therefore:

  • Do I have a GV or a Reely car?
  • Are GV & Reely actually the same company (or subsidiaries) operaing in different countries?
  • Is the Rex-X a base model, made by a company that is then sold (with minor differences) by other companies (A bit like the Citroen Berlingo & Peugeot Expert vans)?

If I ever find out the answers I'll post them here.

Anyway, the upshot of it all is the project is progressing well and I have changed the category names on this website from GV Rex-X to just Rex-X.


The current project is building a single working GV Rex-X from the parts of 2 broken / incomplete ones.

One of the cars has severe front end damage with the front right suspension completely broken.  Also the engine will not start although I can't see any apparent damage to it.

The front suspension from the other car is OK.

I have almost completed stripping down both cars and cleaning the parts.  Once that is finished I can start to build a complete car.

The engine is a Force Engines 35 (.21 engine?) I have stripped down the engine, cleaned it up and re-built it but it still won't start.  I have re-set the needles to the run-in settings and replaced the glowplug with one similar to the one that was in the engine when i received it, still without any luck.  After doing some research it looks like this engine may require a long glowplug.


Watch this space for updates...

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