Colin's Radio Control

In the middle of the 1980's my friend Davy & I raced radio controlled cars. I can't remember the make & model of Davy's car but mine was a Tamiya Frog that I bought, 2nd hand for £50. That got me the car, RS-540 motor, battery, fast & slow chargers, radio gear and some spares.

I couldn't remember the make of the radio gear but I did a bit of research on the internet (looked at pictures :D ) and I think it was an Acoms Mk II. 

Acoms Mk II transmitter

Over time I built up a collection of spares and alternative parts.

Some of the modifications I remember making were:

  • replacing the 540 motor with a "Demon" motor;
  • replacing the standard 6 cell Tamiya battery with a Tamiya 7 cell race pack battery
    Tamiya NiCd battery
  • replacing the original wheel bearings  (I think they were phosphor bronze) with ball-race ones.


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