Colin's Radio Control

The Graupner HeliMax 40 was given to me through Freegle Belfast by Chris (Many thanks Chris!).

I've eventually got round to starting the restoration of the Helimax 40.

Most of the work is just cleaning up the years of grime and corrosion there are one or two areas that need more attention though.

The main issue is getting the engine running again as it seems to be siezed. After stripping down the engine I found that the bearings were completely gummed up.  I tried to free them up and managed to get them moving but they were still pretty stiff.  I was able to source new bearings from though.  Hopefully this will get the engine running again.

The wooden servo / receiver box also needs some attention as one of the joints is coming away.  Should be just a question of sticking it back together with some woodglue.

The plastic cockpit also needs glued together in a couple of places and a new paint job wouldn't go amiss.

I've posted some photos already and I'll post more as the restoration progresses.


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