Colin's Radio Control

Similar to Dragonfly 3 but with more 3D printed parts, Skyline32 flight controller and aluminium spars.


Type Tricopter Home made
Receiver Turnigy IA6C 8 channel
 Ch 1 Roll  
 Ch 2 Pitch  
 Ch 3 Lift  
 Ch 4 Yaw  
 Ch 5 Mode Acro / Auto-Level / Heading Hold / Head-free / Altitude Hold
 Ch 6 Barometer   
 Ch 7 Magnetometer   
 Ch 8  Arm  
Flight Controller Skyline 32  
Battery 3S LiPo  
Motors  Fc 2812 1534kv  
Circumdiameter 96 cm  
Weight 965g  
Takeoff Weight 1180g Including 2200mAh 3S LiPo


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