Colin's Radio Control

The FQ777 Spider flies well and with it being stored in it's transmitter makes it very handy. I am not so keen on the feel of the transmitter though and once one of the stick tops popped off during a flight (they are only push on tops).

I found that the Jumper T16 supports the FQ777 protocol and I personally prefer to use this transmitter. 

I managed to work out the basic (Ail, Ele, Thr, Rud) mappings quite easily (I guessed it was either going to be TAER or AETR) and by trying a number of channels found the Headless Mode channel.  I also googled for information on this and I found a number of conflicting articles.  Through a bit of testing I have found that the following channel mappings work for me.  I give no guarantee that these will also work on any other Spider 126c as it looks like there are a number of different versions out there.


Channel Function Comments
1 Aileron  
2 Elevator  
3 Throttle  
4 Rudder See note below
5 Flip When flip is enabled, Aileron or Elevator input will perform a flip.  Channel 5 should be assigned to a momentary switch so that the Spider does not "lock" in flip mode.
6 Return to Home  
7 Headless  

Rudder note; I have added a rudder / throttle mix to channel 3 (15 % rudder) as I noticed that the copter would rise or fall when turning. 

I have still to find out how to activate the video and camera modes.


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