Colin's Radio Control

When I went to try out my new Turnigy Micro-X quad I found that it would not arm.  Searching the internet I discovered that to arm the Micro-X you needed to hold full left rudder for a few seconds.  The red LEDs at the from of the Micro-X would then light up to show that the copter is armed.

I successfully bound the Micro-X with my Jumper T16 pro V2 transmitter but the quad wouldn't arm.

I tried a number of things including:

  • Holding full right rudder;
  • Toggling Ch 5 (Aux 1) (some internet articles suggested that this was how the Micro-X was armed);
  •  Allowing extended limits and extended trims;
  •  Setting the throttle trim to minimum (in case it wouldn't arm because the throttle was too high).

I thought then that the Micro-X might be faulty and contacted Hobby King. They suggested a number of options, none of which worked.

They then asked what transmitter I was using.  This made me think of trying another transmitter.  I tried my old Spektrum DX7s transmitter and it seemed to work OK?

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