Colin's Radio Control

Toy hexacopter that can be controlled either from an iPhone, Android phone or transmitter.

640 X 480 Resolution camera.

I bought this hexacopter some time ago in the Hobby King sale.  It was reduced from around £159 (I cant remember the exact price) to £15.

It can be controlled by an iPhone, Android phone or Devention transmitter.

I was unable to get it to work using either a recent iPhone or Android phone however I did get it to work using an old iPad and a very old Android (version 2) phone.  On these devices though the video feed was very flaky.

I then got a Devention transmitter (Walkera DEVO 7e) and it works fine.

I have read that it is possible to stream the video to a wi-fi device while controlling the 'copter with the transmitter.  This is the next thing I am going to try.  I will post an article with my progress soon.

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