Colin's Radio Control
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Armed widget.

This widget comes with no warranties. YOU USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Developed for Jumper T16.
Tested on Jumper T16 hall; Jumper T16 pro V2
OpenTx Version opentx-t16-2.3.5 (4fbe404c)
OpenTx Version opentx-t16-2.3.7 (8b080683)

This widget simply displays the name of the model in double size text.

I usually put a label widget on the top bar with the model name in double size. This widget saves me having to manually enter the name.

Colin Barnes
April 2020

ModelName 1 ModelName 22
Created 2020-04-07
Changed 2020-04-07
Version 1
Size 633 B
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Created by Colin Barnes
Changed by Colin Barnes
Downloads 358
License GNU/GPL external

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