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A-10 Thunderbolt II (RCM&E October 2021)

Twin EDF jet

Wingspan: 1067 mm

al Tazar (RCM&E November 2021)

An electric version of a well proven slope soarer

Wingspan: 2032 mm

Bede BD-5 (RCM&E September 2020)

Pusher jet style model that doubles up as a stiff-wind slope soarer

Wingspan: 902 mm

Das Ugly Glider (RCM&E April 2019)

Blohm & Voss BV40 attack glider

Wingspan: mm

Firestreak (RCM&E January 2019)

An electric powered aerobatic warmliner

Wingspan: 1676 mm

Flying Banjo (RCM&E July 2020)

2020 update of a popular Radio Modeller plan.

Wingspan: 660 mm

Folland Gnat (RCM&E December 2021)

33" version of Tony Nijhuis' Yellowjack RAF trainer for 70mm EDF

Wingspan: 825 mm

Gasser (RCM&E May 2019)

Wingspan: 1016 mm

Jet Provost (RCM&E September 2019)

Mini EDF jet

Wingspan: 711 mm

Li'l Cub (RCM&E June 2019)

Short take-off and landing is the name of the game with Peter Miller's homage to the record-beating full-size.

Wingspan: 1397 mm

Page 1 of 3 Results 1 - 10 of 30

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