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Hi and welcome to my radio control website.

In the mid 1980s I had a keen interest in radio controlled cars and spent endless hours modifying and racing my Tamiya Frog car. I then started to get into nitro powered cars but it proved to be too expensive for me at the time and I lost interest.

In 2016 due to a number of factors that I won't go into here, I am starting to rekindle my interest in nitro radio controlled models.

Initially I intended to have some fun with cars with a view to progressing to planes. This has now expanded to include Helicopters, Multi-rotors and Hovercraft. With the advances in battery and motor technology over the years I have also drifted back to electric power.

I will post pictures, videos and articles on this website relating to my endeavours.

If you're interested in model planes then check out my Fathers website

Keep checking back for updates.



I recently bought a "SkyRC GSM-015 GPS speed Meter" to check the altitude of my planes etc.

If you have one of these and have used the SkyRC GNSSLogger application you will know that the application is quite basic.

It allows you to save projects and also has the option to export paths to a KML file. The KMLexport facility though doesn't allow you to set options (path name, line colour, line width etc.).  I have created a small web-app that will allow you to upload a project file (.3gpl), set some parameters and then convert it to a kml file.

The app can be accessed via the Applications menu to the left.

I have created some BLHeli_32 music files which are available in the downloads section of the website.

Currently the tunes are:

  • PacMan theme;
  • Sandy's new chanter;
  • Music box dancer.

I will be creating more tunes and uploading them.

We are currently experiencing some problems on the website.


Download details pages not working for some downloads;

I am investigating this problem.

  • Detail images not appearing in gallery;
    • I have applied a workaround for this and it is now working.
  • Images not appearing in articles;
    • This is currently under investigation
    • The images have now been re-inserted into the articles.
  • Videos not working in articles:
    • This is due to me changing my Youtube account (there is an actual "" account now :-) ) and not realising that all my old videos would be deleted.  I am in the process of re-uploading the videos. Ones already uploaded can be viewed at the new YouTube channel
    • 24th May 2021 - The videos are now on the Colin's Radio Control YouTube channel and have been re-linked in the relevant articles.

    Armed - Widget to indicate Safe or Armed if a transmitter switch is in a certain position.
    ModelName - Widget to display the model name in double size text.


Hey, what a coincidence. NASA are going to fly an octocopter on Saturn's moon Titan in 2034 and they're calling it Dragonfly!

Here is a link to the BBC article and the NASA article on the Dragonfly octocopter on Dragonfly.

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